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Stacey Q

Stacey Lynn Swain was born on November 30, 1958 in Fullerton, California. She is a pop singer, dancer and actress who's best known for her 1986 hit Two of Hearts. As a child she grew up taking ballet classes and aspired to become a professional ballerina when she grew up. During her teenage years and younger years pre-singing career, among other things, she worked as an entertainer at Disneyland and even worked in a circus as a trapeze artist and as an elephant girl. Later on she got introduced to the recording industry by her then-boyfriend, a local musician. In 1981 she started her singing career when she met producer, future manager and longtime collaborator Jon St. James. They became the band Q. Then, they formed SSQ, which was a reformation of the Q band. However, in 1986 she became a solo artist and eventually meeting with great success via her signature hit Two of Hearts. She even guested twice the famous and popular 80's sitcom, The Facts of Life with her character Cinnamon. After a few more albums and her conversion to Buddhism, she has still remained in the music industry, with her 2010 album Color Me Cinnamon.

Better than Heaven (1986)

Better Than Heaven is Stacey Q's first album, released on October 17, 1986 under Atlantic Records. This release was the first full-length album that the same lineup of musicians (formerly performing as SSQ), released simply under the name Stacey Q. The artist continued to work with her SSQ bandmates in her solo albums such as Better Than Heaven, Hard Machine and Nights Like This. Better Than Heaven has become the album that she is mostly known for. The album peaked at #59 in the U.S. earning a Gold disc and spawned the following singles: Two of Hearts (#3 U.S., #87 U.K.), We Connect (#35 U.S., #7 Australia), Insecurity (#77 Australia), and Music out of Bounds.

Stacey Q - We Connect
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1-) Two of Hearts.
2-) We Connect.
3-) Insecurity.
4-) Better Than Heaven.
5-) Don't Let Me Down.
6-) Music out of Bounds.
7-) Love or Desire.
8-) Don't Break My Heart.
9-) He Doesn't Understand.
10-) Dancing Nowhere.

Hard Machine (1988)

Hard Machine is Stacey Q's second studio album, released in 1988. The album peaked at #115 in the U.S. The singles released from this album were: Favorite Things, I Love You (#49 U.S. Dance charts), and Don't Make a Fool of Yourself (#66 U.S., #73 Australia).


1-) Good Girl.
2-) Favorite Things.
3-) Kiss It All Goodbye.
4-) Don't Make a Fool of Yourself.
5-) The River.
6-) I Love You.
7-) Temptation.
8-) Hard Machine.
9-) After Hours.
10-) Another Chance.


Nights Like This (1989)

Nights Like This is Stacey Q's third studio album, released in 1989. It was a commercial failure yet a critical success. The singles taken from this album were: Give You All My Love (#16 U.S. Dance charts) and Heartbeat.

Stacey Q - Give You All My Love
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1-) Give You All My Love.
2-) Nights Like This.
3-) Heartbeat.
4-) Incognito.
5-) Take That Holiday.
6-) You Wrote the Book.
7-) Love Philosophy.
8-) Goin' Out.
9-) Too Good to Me.
10-) The Edge of Love.


Boomerang (1997)

Boomerang is Stacey Q's fourth studio album, released on October 21, 1997. It shows the singer's conversion to Buddhism. The album leans to a more folk-spiritual style of music, as it shows Stacey Q's version of the song "My Sweet Lord". The only single released from this album was Tenderness, which reached to #5 in Jamaica.


1-) Boomerang.
2-) Tenderness.
3-) Holding onto the Earth.
4-) I Doubt If It Does to You.
5-) Love On.
6-) Tara.
7-) Never Stop.
8-) My Sweet Lord.
9-) All I Ever Wanted.
10-) Something About You.
11-) I Don't Know How to Say Goodbye to You.
12-) Clear Light.


Color Me Cinnamon (2010)

Color Me Cinnamon is Stacey Q's fifth and so far last studio album, released on February 14, 2010 by Hydra Productions. On “Color Me Cinnamon,” Stacey Q takes listeners on a musical journey, assuming several personas throughout the album. She transforms from a woman of the night on “Candy Apple” to a wealthy French socialite who has every-thing money can buy but nothing she really want on “Sad Cafe.” Other standout tracks include the pulsating “Euphoria,” about achieving extreme content and fulfillment; the radio-friendly “Below the Surface,” about an extreme burning desire; “Masquerade,” about living behind a mask; and the retro-80s sounding “The Lion’s Den,” about the New York City party scene. The album title, “Color Me Cinnamon,” taps into a unique part of Stacey Q history. The title references the album title that was used on the popular 1987 episode of “The Facts of Life,” in which Stacey played the character Cinnamon, a bud-ding rock star. The acting role was specifically written for Stacey. The singles taken from this album were: Trip (released in 2009) and Pandora's Box.


1-) Prelude.
2-) Trip.
3-) Below the Surface.
4-) Pandora's Box.
5-) Masquerade.
6-) Candy Apple.
7-) Euphoria.
8-) Behind the Eight Ball.
9-) The Lion's Den.
10-) Going Goth.
11-) Voices in My Head.
12-) Cinnamon Girl.
13-) Where I Am.
14-) Sad Café.



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